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First things first - we’ll meet on Zoom to see if we’re a good fit.

Things we both need to consider: does this feel right? Do our styles mesh? Will we be able to communicate clearly?

Next, Proposal: your business is unique and so, chances are, your design needs are, too. After we chat, I’ll pull together a custom proposal for you, detailing the project, timeline, and of course, costs.

Speaking of costs! I like to be transparent about pricing, but this can be difficult. Because each project has its own scope and individual factors (from timeline, to design, to communication, to extras), each necessarily has its own price. But I also know that I myself am always looking for prices before I even contact people! Download the Fee Guide for baseline project estimates. That way, you don’t waste your time if we are above and beyond what you were hoping to pay.

Notes on Budgets and Numbers

There is a designer for every budget – and that might not be me. I put in many, many hours and all my effort into each project I take, from background research, to thoughtfully crafted emails and videos, to the actual design itself. Like a good ballerina, this should all seem effortless to you! But behind the scenes there is a lot of commotion and work going on to bring your project to life. Each of those is factored into the overall cost of a project.

Do you have a small budget that is under the projections here? Please contact me anyway. We have one sponsorship available per calendar year for a free website that you might qualify for.

And, I have other ways of structuring projects, too. I offer payment plans, can work with you to change the scope of the project, or help you split it up into manageable, affordable parts. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

I just want to know where you’re at and what you think you need. And we’ll take it together from there.

So let’s start with a hello! Fill out the short form below to get our conversation started. I can’t wait to hear all about your plans for 2021 and beyond!



Because working with another human being should bring ease (and, with any luck, joy!) to the project you’re working on. And, you should always get what you pay for.