We’re not the cool kids on the design block – in fact, we’ve never been cool (you should see our middle school photos 😂). We’re not breaking any design molds, working any sort of magic, or over here being rockstars. We’re not crushing, busting, or breaking anything.

We’re just creating clean, stands-the-test of time design, taking your content and making it look good and read clearly to the people who matter to your bottom line: your customers.

Because we believe the old adages: the customer is always right, always put your best foot forward, and first impressions really do count.

So, are you ready for a website that helps your bottom line? With a company that’s willing to go the extra mile for you? And a designer that’s a pleasure to do business with? (We are tooting our own horn here, but we have the testimonials to back it up.)

Check out our work. See if we’re in your budget. And then take a moment to tell us about your project, and see if we’re a good fit for you.

About the Owner

Ruby Red Design is a one-woman studio run by Linda Misiura — with full-time pitbull support.

Since 2007, Linda has been helping small-to-medium-sized businesses and non-profits bring their businesses to the web.

Hi! I'm Linda. And that's Rupert!

I’m a Type 8 / INFJ / Aries / Questioner, a furious recycler, an avid reader, and a non-stop researcher. I also can’t resist reorganizing a messy junk drawer. Most days, I stand while I work.

Education-wise, I have a double BA and and MA in English, Communications, and Interactive Media. Basically, I’m a journalist who’s job it is to interview you, pull out all of the good stuff, and then make a website that tells the world what you do. Cool, right?

Rupert is great at sleeping alllll day, chasing squirrels out of the garden, and alerting me when the UPS delivery person arrives. He can hear carrots being chopped from three rooms away, believes any woven blanket in the house is his, and is really great at morning snuggles.

Why work with me?

While most designers are trained first in visual structure, organization and hierarchy, my primary training and education is the English language. In knowing how to communicate effectively with different kinds of people across different mediums and then applying that to the visual dissemination of information, the content that I edit stands on a more solid foundation than that of my competitors.

Plus, I aim to make the process frustration-free and friendly. I firmly believe that working with another human being should bring joy and ease to one’s life. Hire me to get things done, not complicate your life!