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Do you need a website?

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Ruby Red Design Studio will help take you from domain to done. That simple! You bring your business, and we bring the rest. And you thought this was going to be hard!

Pssst…. Don’t know what a domain is? That’s okay! We’ll start there 🙂

The Ruby Rules We Live By:

We do things a little differently around here.


Every business needs a website.

Yes, even if it’s just you. Yes, even if you don’t sell online. Yes, even if YOU don’t ever go online!


Tech doesn’t have to be full of scary terms that you don’t understand.

We’ll guide you through the process in words that will make sense to you, not just sound super fancy.


Your time is most valuable when you’re doing the thing you’re good at.

You’ll make more $$ when you do YOU.

We'll help with all the rest, too.

From marketing and brand design to emails and websites, we’ll make you look good wherever you show up, online and in print.

About Ruby Red

Hi there! I’m Linda Misiura,  owner of Ruby Red Design Studio.

I’m a Type 8 / INFJ / Aries / Questioner, a furious recycler, an avid reader, and a non-stop researcher.

I have a double BA and in English & Communications, and an MA in Interactive Media. Basically, I’m a journalist who’s job it is to interview you, pull out all of the good stuff, and then make a website that tells the world what you do. Cool, right?

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